Horizontal Boring

Horizontal Boring

iStock_000002184757SmallIf your company is in need of horizontal boring, Hamilton Brothers Electric has the equipment and the operators available for exactly what your project specifications are. Because we also serve as a general contractor as well as a commercial electric company, you only have to hire one team of electric and horizontal boring experts for your projects.

Often times, electrical lines will need to be put underground to protect them from damage on a roadway or a driveway. If this is the case with your company, don’t worry! We have all the tools, equipment, and skills necessary to boring horizontally and lay the electrical wiring all at the same time so you don’t have to call a separate company to complete the task.

Uses for Horizontal Boring

In addition to laying electrical wiring for your company, horizontal boring can be very useful in other areas. Here are some examples of what horizontal boring can provide for you and your business:

  • Creating irrigation lines under roadways or driveways
  • Finding material for environmental assessment
  • Beginning remediation processes
  • And more!

Regardless of the reason why your company needs to have horizontal boring done, Hamilton Brothers Electric can help with the project and get it done quickly so you can move to the next stage of the process.

Qualified, Certified, and Bondable Operators

When you trust Hamilton Brothers Electric with your horizontal boring, you can be certain that all of our equipment operators are highly skilled, experienced, and fully qualified to perform the task at hand. We want the project to be successful, so we only allow the best operators to come on commercial project sites.

If you are ready for a contracting company to come to your business and perform horizontal boring on site, make sure to call Hamilton Brothers Electric as soon as possible!

Call us today at 801-489-9449 or fill out our online contact form.

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